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Winning Education helps you find an appropriate course, plus we help you fully complete your University/UCAS application. Our personal statement guide can help you write your statement in as little as two hours, and we provide information on Student Finance. We also assist students in applying for jobs.


Leading universities in a leading city.

Our award-winning university partners offer employment focused degree courses in a world-class capital city. London is one of the most influential economic and financial hubs in the world. Obtaining a degree in London will provide you with connections which can be invaluable to your future career. A degree issued in the United Kingdom carries a prestigious global recognition; something we can help you obtain.


Expertly written.


If you haven't done so before, writing a personal statement can be incredibly overwhelming, but yet it is an essential step in applying to university.

We converse with our students to understand the bigger picture of what makes you-you as an individual. Whatever your passion, your opinion, your goals for the future, our guide enables you to portray yourself in a manner that appeals to your chosen university.


It's complicated.


We'll be honest. Students completing their UCAS application for the first time tell us they are sometimes daunted by all the questions. Our students can complete their UCAS application generally within half a day. We know the whole process like the back of our hand.



Get help applying for jobs.

It's important to see your graduate job hunt as an ongoing process with a focus on your interests, skills and values. Looking at the requirements for your dream job is a great place to start, but rarely do people end up in their dream careers straight away. Seizing the opportunity and showing you are hard working is key.